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Welcome to
River City
Sugar Gliders

River City Sugar Gliders offers hand raised sugar glider and the education you need to know in owning one.

We are a USDA licensed, sugar glider breeding family based out of the heart of Arkansas.  We bought our first sugar glider in the winter of 2014.  This started a journey we could have never imagined.  



We strive to provide you with a resourcful link you will want to come back for when you need to look up information for your sweet little sugar gliders.  We also are in hopes you find a new contact with us whether it is for the need of a new baby or for any sugar baby information.

All your exotic pet needs in one place:
  • We take very good care from the moment a glider enters our home to the time they find their forever home.  

  • Our babies are handled with care as we hand raise them from the moment they are out of pouch.  

  • We take pride in offering various services outside just finding you a Joey to fill the warm and fuzzy spot in your heart.

  • We make sure you are supported in being a new owner by being available to answer any questions you may have.

Follow us on our Facebook page for more information and available gliders.

Also check in on our Twitter and Instagram for more of what you might need.

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