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This page is to help you get ready BEFORE you bring you new fur baby home OR inform you in what all you would need before gliding into suggie ownership.


Be sure that you have a cage which has the minimum size of 18x30x36 (DxWxH).  Make sure that the wire spacing is no more than 1/2 inch.  It is always better to have height than width due to them wanting to climb.


You will need to start with 2-3 pouches for the cage. You will only need to put one in the cage at a time.  This allows for you to have an extra for when you clean and launder the pouches.  We personally prefer the open environment pouches for our gliders.


Small and/or multiple dishes would be used if food is served together or separate.


You can use either plastic or glass bottles.  Be sure to sanitize the bottles regularly to prevent the build up/growth of bacteria.  You can use bottled water (not distilled) to tap but the water needs to be changed out every few days.


There are many types of toys that can be used for glider simulation. They need to be string free for that can interrupt their digestion if eaten or they can get wrapped around them causing amputation.


Gliders need safe wheels for exercise.  The Custom Cruiser, the Stealth, and the Raptor are all examples of safe glider wheels.


Make sure you have selected your diet and have all the ingredients.  Have the food made before you bring your glider home.

Click here for a list and recipes for various diets.

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