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Sugar Glider Family


Gizzy is the first glider we obtained.  She is our baby!

Gizzy is a sweet little glider who is very shy but loves everyone.  She is always being protected by her younger sister Luna.


Luna was the second glider obtained after we realized Gizzy was depressed and needed a cage mate.

Luna was definitely the wild child out of the two.  After she had a time to get passed her toddler time she turned into a calm and sweet glider like her sister.  Luna likes to keep her family close and tends to crab when someone takes Gizzy out of the pouch.


Dobbie was born into the household.  He was placed with our Gizzy and Luna like a little brother and now has made his place as a permeant resident.

Dobbie actually went through many names but the fact his head never growing into his big ears only reminded us of everyone' favorite house elf on Harry Potter.  He has turned into a fun bouncy little boy who loves anything you put in front of him.

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